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Student Support

PG电子游戏 has a Student Support Team (SST) to ensure that available services for student support are used effectively and to provide peer support for teachers and other staff to assist them in working effectively with students that need learning support. The program is designed as an intentionally collaborative approach to student support. It is important for all students to meet with academic success. The SST is responsible to work with classroom teachers, parents, and students to that end. 

A meeting of parents, teachers, and the SST may result in the development of an Action Plan for the student. (A student in middle school or high school may be asked to be part of the process as well.) Appropriate intervention will be determined. Recommendations for instructional adaptations may be part of the plan. 

There may be times when the SST will recommend additional testing for a student. Based on test reports, additional intervention may be needed for the student. This intervention may involve enrollment in the Resource Room. The Resource Room is designed to address the academic needs of students which can best be met in a setting outside of the classroom. The Resource Room has two components – Resource Room I and Resource Room II. Students may be enrolled in one or both components. Enrollment in the Resource Room carries an additional fee.

Resource Room

Parallel instruction is available for students who are not able to function successfully with a specific class group. The curriculum for these students is developed individually, combining grade-level work and remedial instruction whenever necessary. Test scores as well as individual student performance in a given subject matter are used to determine the level of the educational material to be taught. A variety of methods and materials are used to teach each student at his/her educational level and learning style. Students receive instruction in Resource Room I during the same time that their classmates are receiving instruction in the same subject area in the classroom. Resource Room instruction occurs in an individualized or small group setting. Courses taken in the Resource Room are identified as Resource Room (RR) classes on the report card and transcript. 

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