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Chapel is a time for the student body to worship and praise the Lord together. Chapels provide opportunities to hear what the Lord is doing in the lives of others and are a time of encouraging one another in a personal walk with the Lord. A few times each year the entire student body gathers for a joint chapel, but usually different age levels have chapel together. 

Middle school and high school chapels are held every other week. Singing is usually led by a student worship team and encouragement and biblical teaching is shared by a PG电子游戏 staff member, a guest speaker from the community, or at times a student group or individual student. This is a time to focus on God and to reinforce our commitment to putting Him first in our school.

On the alternate weeks, middle school and high school students meet in small groups (boys and girls separately) to pray, spend time in the Scriptures, and encourage one another in community.

Elementary school chapels, which are held twice a month, provide a time for the elementary students to worship and praise God together. These times of worship are sometimes led by the high school or middle school worship teams. At times elementary students are involved in leading worship. Chapel is also a time for the elementary students to hear how God is working in others’ lives, as well as a time for them to be challenged in their personal walk with the Lord. This is done through a variety of presentations by special chapel guests, teachers, or the students themselves.

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